This is the shop where baseball equipment can be bought at the lowest price in Japan!

Kyujisensei selling secondhand baseball equipment.
Kyujisensei selling secondhand baseball equipment.
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This is the shop where baseball equipment can be bought at the lowest price in Japan!
We are rooting for you! Worldwide baseball player hooray!
We have started selling our products overseas!
Special sales for worldwide baseball player hooray!
Shopping aboard will let you be glad and sad by turns because of exchange rate's going up and down.
Now Japanese yen is a little bit strong which makes you worry about how much you have in your purse.
[Like] us on Facebook Campaign!
For those who have"Liked" us on Kyujisensei's Facebook, 1.000yen will be discounted from total purchase amount.
Please show us your web page of 'like' on PC or smart phone when you pay.
*In case of online shop, please input your Facebook account in the remark column (the name you are using for your Facebook).
"Like" discount is available for only one time as per account.
It is not available for total purchase amount less than 10.000 yen.
About Kyujisensei

About Kyujisensei
As a small shop opened at Osaka Umeda in 2015, specializing in dealing with baseball equipment, we are selling baseball equipment for the most part, such as globes, pats, spikes, shoes and wear.
As a bargain shop , we make much account of price for secondhand and outlet articles, even including brand-new articles. Our shop has become the only shop where you can buy Japanese products much cheaper than anywhere else.

Shop guide

Shop guide
Our shop is on the 5th floor of a multi-used building. It might be a little bit hard for you to enter, while every day there are several groups of customers coming to visit our shop. Baseball gloves are especially popular.
Tags indicating Made-in-Japan are attached to gloves so that even foreigners can understand easily.
There are approximately 500 gloves, 400 bats in stock, from Mizuno, Kubota Slugger to minor manufacturers.

Access map

Access map
Our shop is in Osaka Umeda which is the center of Kansai area (Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and etc.).
With convenient transport access, it is the center of 6 train routes.
Please come with the landmark of Yodobashi Camera.
Our shop is in behind of that building. Osaka Station (JR) is the next largest Terminal station to Tokyo Station in Japan.
Please call us if you can't find your way according to above guidance.

I have a message for everyone overseas.
It's been a long time since I've met anyone from overseas.
I would like to meet soon and share fun times through baseball.
In Japan, entry restrictions on foreign tourists will be lifted.
The time has finally come! If you have the chance to come to Japan, please stop by Kyuji Sensei.
Our shop has expanded and our range of merchandise is even bigger.
There's also good news for those who can't come to Japan.
We've opened an online shop aimed at overseas customers so even from
around the world people can shop with us.
We appreciate your support. Thank you very much.

Kyujisensei selling secondhand baseball equipment.
Kyujisensei selling secondhand baseball equipment.

Kyujisensei is located in the heart of Osaka, a shop for selling all kinds of baseball equipment.
We are selling brand-new, secondhand, outlet baseball equipment in general, covering gloves, mitts, bats, spikes, protectors for catcher.
Each baseball equipment is sold at a super bargain, super-low price.
For secondhand articles, we bought from general users in Japan directly, and put up for sale after maintenance and repair. So you can use them outright at ease.
There are lots of made-in-Japan gloves, full of brand-new, outlet and old but unused articles.
Same as Japan, baseball equipment with high quality are sold abroad largely as well. Our shop also sells a great deal of gloves, such as Mizuno, Nike, ASICS, ZETT, SSK, DESCENTE, Kubota Slugger. We even have abundant stock of gloves which just can be obtained here.
Please feel free to use them as souvenirs, present to friends.
Please drop in at our shop when you come over Osaka (Kansai area).

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